• Name :Elizabeth Bekele
  • Nationality :Ethiopian
  • Address :Tel. 4706170051
  • E-mail


  • Practitioner Nurse from Bio medical
  • Bsc Office Management from Unity University Collage

    • Microsoft office tools (Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint), Internet exploration Operating Office Equipments
    • French and Arabic Language course
    • Other online courses for Covid19
    • Driving License


    • From: April 2019
    • Employer: Gulf Pharmaceuticals Plc Ethiopia Branch
    • Position Held: Country Manager Assistant

    Assigned Tasks

      Coordinate all production activity while supervising the crew and cast,
      The filming schedule in consultation with the director,
      Prepare the storyboard, Arrange the hiring of location, equipment and props,
      Ensure that the cast is on standby at all times and ready for action when the director calls on them,
      Create and adhere to the filming schedule, Motivate and drive the crew and cast with announcements and directions,
      Oversee the production and distribution of the call sheet, which informs all cast and crew members of the daily shooting schedule,
      Keep a close watch on health and safety regulations on the set,
      Assist with other tasks when and where necessary, such as making calls, running the office, interviewing personnel,
      helping with copyright documentation, arranging meetings and managing the budget

    • From: August, 2017 to April 2019
    • Employer: TDT PLC
    • Position Held: Office Manager

    Assigned Tasks

      Overseeing the work of all office employees to ensure they work productively and meet deadlines and company standards,
      Counseling any employees struggling in their roles, Answering telephone calls and emails from customers and clients and directing them to relevant staff,
      Creating an office budget and ensuring all employees follow it, office supplies and ordering new stationery, furniture, appliances and electronics as required,
    Interviewing and training new office employees and organizing their employment paperwork,
    Organizing maintenance companies to keep the office clean and safe and ensure its appliances are in good working order,
    Reporting office progress to senior management and working with them to improve office operations and procedures,

    • From : March, 2012 to July 2017
    • Employer : GMT Industrial P.L.C
    • Position Held : Office Assistant

    Assigned Tasks

      Coordinate activities throughout the company to ensure efficiency and maintain compliance with company policy,
      Supervise members of the administrative staff, equally dividing responsibilities to improve performance, Manage agendas, travel plans and appointments for upper management,
      Manage emails, letters, packages, phone calls and other forms of correspondence, Support bookkeeping and budgeting procedures for the company,
      Create and update databases and records for financial information, personnel and other data,
      Track and replace office supplies as necessary to avoid interruptions in standard front office procedures,
      Submit reports and prepare proposals and presentations as needed, Assist colleagues whenever there is an opportunity to do so,

  • From : November 2009 to February, 2012
  • Employer : Gulf Engineering & Industrial Consultancy A.A Branch
  • Position Held : Executive Secretary and Office Assistant
  • Assigned Tasks

      Providing administrative assistance, such as writing and editing e-mails, drafting memos, and preparing communications on the executives behalf,
      Maintaining comprehensive and accurate records, Performing minor accounting duties,
      Organizing meetings, including scheduling, sending reminders, and organizing catering when necessary,
      Answering phone calls in a polite and professional manner,
      Welcoming visitors and identifying the purpose of their visit before directing them to the appropriate department,
      Managing the executives calendar, including making appointments and prioritizing the most sensitive matters,

  • From : February 2000 to August 2009
  • Employer : Saint Gabriel General Hospital P.L.C.
  • Position Held : Assistant Nurse
  • Assigned Tasks

      Assisting Doctors or Supervisors with patients,
      Administering treatment to patients, Performing exams,
      Collecting and interpreting patient information, Contacting patients regarding tests or upcoming appointments,